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Project Overview

The goal of this project is to design a small AC SSR module to be used with the Arduino Light Controller.  In 2013, for my first show, I used 8 SSRez modules for a total of 32 channels.  For 2014, I was looking for a cheaper solution so I began researching the Dirkcheap SSR.  I liked the design but did not like the fact that it depends upon an external fuse.  In addition, I wanted a RJ-45 jack mounted to the circuit board rather than soldering the CAT-5 directly to the board.  For my purposes, the small size of the DirkCheap SSR was not critical; therefore, I designed this slight variation of the DirkCheap SSR.  I plan to mount them in 1 1/4" PVC tubes (exact mounting technique will be determined later).

Project Requirements

  • Be compatible with my Arduino Light Controller design
  • Fused.  I chose to use a 3 Amp fuse is the design (0.75 Amps per channel), but this can be increased if desired.

Project Status

Initial boards built and tested. Production of remaining boards continuing.


To save production costs, I panelized three of the AC SSRs into a single 10cm x 10cm board as shown below:

To give you an idea of the size, the following two pictures show a single AC SSR beside a ruler:


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